FTT Manufacturing's Automation division has the resources and experience to provide you complete and cost effective solutions for all your automation requirements. We design and manufacture special purpose equipment of every type: assembly systems, machining systems, test systems and fixtures.

FTT's project management extablishes communication links that deliver accurate and timely transfer of information with our customers during all phases of the project. Clear communication provides a proactive environment for effective manfufacture and timely completion. Our commitment to excellence guarantees customer satisfaction from concept through installation and on going support.

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  • Assembly
  • Test
  • Material Handling
  • Fastening
  • Dispensing
  • Vision
  • Marking and Labeling
  • Laser Welding
  • Fixturing


  • Medical/Scientific
  • Electronic
  • Material Handling
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Appliance
  • Office Automation


FTT Automation has in house all the capabilities necessary to design, manufacture and manage your projects.

The most important asset we bring to the table is our workforce. They have proven themselves to be talented, creative, motivated and totally in line with the values of the company.

Our mutual goal is to produce work we are proud of and fully satisfies our customers needs.


FTT Automation has the design and manufacturing expertise to handle the most complex automation requirement. We build on every kind of platform:

  • Rotary dials
  • Power and Free
  • Precision Link
  • Walking Beam or Semi Auto Cells

Our sales and design engineering staff pay close attention to the needs of our customers at all levels of their production environment.

Through this we offer creative, practical concepts that are effective for cost, product quality and machine reliability. The precision manufacturing we provide delivers a mechanical accuracy second to none in the industry.


At FTT we know "assembly fits" and the geometries necessary to achieve them. We have worked with components from virtually every manufacturing technology and every material.

We understand the different variables introduced by each and how they affect assembly success. Our concepts and designs use this manufacturing knowledge to control these variables reliably.

Whether pick and place, pressing, applying adhesives, brazing or ultrasonically welding, FTT has the experience to assure your assembly success.

Inspection & Test

Whether integrated into an automatic system or on an offline cell, FTT Automation can provide contact and non-contact measurement, pressure, torque, leak and flow testing and mass spectrometer testing to name a few.

Pass/Fail or dimensional measurements, FTT has the experience to record, manipulate and communicate that data for your analysis and decision.

Robotics Integration

Gantry Robots for every application:

FTT Automation has design layouts for every type of gantry configuration, thereby saving you time and money on engineering.

Whether integrated into a new machine concept or retrofitted to your existing equipment, just give us the part weight, the distance, and the speed you require. FTT will do the reset - turnkey.

Combined with one of our vision systems, FTT Automation will give you the intelligent motion you require for your application.

Machine Vision

Let us give your tooling VISION

Machine vision can be utilized for the following:

  • Inspection: Finding cracks, discoloration, missing parts, improper orientation, etc...
  • Identification: Vision can be used to properly sort the outgoing product into proper categories and control whatever separation means are necessary.
  • Positioning: Synchronized with a servo control system in order to pick and re-orientate parts in a consistent fashion.
  • Operator Assistance: By superimposing images and measurements over product, an HMI will help aid an operator in inspection or alignment.

Controls Integration

Our systems integration team can take your project from concept to completion with careful design, attention to detail, and the latest in automation technology to achieve a fully integrated solution.

a wealth of experience in automation controls, robotics, vision and process controls spans multiple industries. From sophisticated multi-axis servo systems, tight process control, to large scale trafficking of multiple parts and stations we have the experience to get it done.

Designs are carefully thought out to achieve the most efficient control scheme with consideration to customer specification, circuit topology, controls distribution, usability, maintenance friendliness, code compliance and most importantly safety.


FTT has an excellent track record of helping customers with existing engineered product. We partner with our customers engineering or production people to provide the fullest level of service possible. Communicating with us is as easy or easier than communicating internally.

Complete Machine Assembly


Collaborative Engineering, Prototype, Product Refinement and Turnkey manufacture at any volume. FTT has the resources, talent and experience to work with our customers at all levels of product development.

The project shown is a bound document copier using a robotic arm and a unique vacuum head to turn pages. It was designed to handle even the most fragile pages including rare books with a gentler touch than even the human hand.

FTT is the exclusive manufacturer of this product with machines all around the globe.

Precision Assemblies


We offer the fullest service possible in electromechanical assemblies. Our success in providing close tolerance is key to understanding and providing critical to function assemblies.

Full service from A to Z, FTT combines its experience in precision manufacture and mechanical controls design, with in-depth project understanding and management. A recipe for success.

Linear Systems


The project show is a dual rail system 288" long. FTT worked with its customer to provide the greatest accuracy possible. Straightness is .003" TIR over the whole length - both rails inclusive.

Parallelism of rails to each other and to the base of the assembly is .0005". Process control is the key - both components and assembly process.

Customer statement: "No one can make this but FTT."